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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA

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Stress Reduction 101

Health is more than eating right, exercising, and performing good work.  The "Alternative Health" movement often focuses its audience too much on pills and fads, and not enough on the good work that it takes to attain joy.  I am utterly convinced that joy is the cornerstone of true health.  I am not talking about the fleeting happiness that comes with acquiring a new toy or accomplishing a transitory goal.  I am talking about the deep joy that gives you a great sense of strength, harmony, purpose, and peace whether things seem to be going your way or not.

The greatest obstacle to your experience of this joy is stress.  Stress is a direct result of identifying yourself with what you consider to be your experience.  Our unique genetic make-up, coupled with the events that we experience, molds our consciousness in very predictable ways to create our sense of who we are.  Yet we are much more than "victims of experience".  We have the ability to condition our consciousness, to shift our perspectives, and to see beyond our reactions to life's ups and downs.   To do this we must learn to step back from our current experience and gain a larger perspective--a perspective that allows us to choose our direction in life, and to live in accordance with the highest potential within us. 

There are many tools that allow us to gain this perspective--prayer, meditation, a walk in nature--but they all have this in common; they allow us to still our minds and experience our true nature.  These techniques fall under the umbrella term "stress reduction" on this website, and I encourage you to find at least one with which you resonate.  By taking the time to practice your stress reduction technique, you will:

  • Gain perspective in your life
  • Learn to act creatively to accomplish your goals rather than reacting to life's experiences
  • Gain inner strength as you act in harmony with your true nature
  • Experience profound relaxation 
  • Create a mental and Spiritual environment that is conducive to physical health. 
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