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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA

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Why Natural Health?

Health and well-being are truly the most valuable possessions that we can experience. Everyone wants to be happy, energetic, creative, fulfilled, and without worry. John’s Hopkin’s School of Public Health has a definition of health that I like very much: a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.”

The aim of this website is to empower you with information and tools illuminating the path to total health.  The information on these pages falls into three categories, physical, mental, and social.  Disease, as a rule, has these three attributes at its roots.  I will use the most prevalent killer of our times, cancer, to illustrate.  As you read, keep in mind that you can find disharmony in these three categories in virtually every ailment.

Mental Health

Cancer rates have skyrocketed over the past century—the disease now affects nearly 1 in 2 Americans!  We know that stress and psychologically traumatic events are associated with increased rates of cancer. [i] [ii]  This association is profound, with a recent study reporting …we found that women with major life events, stress of daily activity, and depression had 3.7 times higher risk for breast cancer, compared to those which did not experience such stress.”[iii]  The relationship between psychological stress and cancer has gained acceptance, with the National Cancer Institute stating Scientists know that many types of stress activate the body's endocrine (hormone) system, which in turn can cause changes in the immune system, the body's defense against infection and disease (including cancer).”[iv]  Every degenerative disease involves both the endocrine and immune system, and scientists have gathered a tremendous amount of information confirming what holistic practitioners have always known: stress disrupts human health and invites disease.

Physical Health

Physical health can be affected in many ways.  The foods we eat (and do not eat), the toxins we are exposed to, the amount and type of physical activity we participate in, the mechanical functioning of our bodies, and the amount and quality of our sleep are just a few of the physical aspects of health that affect our vulnerability to disease.  Regarding cancer, consider that shift workers whose normal sleep routine is disturbed are more likely to develop certain types of cancer.  In addition, people suffering from chronic pain are at a greatly increased risk for many types of cancer.  Chemically, people deficient in nutrients such as selenium and omega-3 fatty acids are more likely to develop cancer, as are people exposed to carcinogenic foods such as nitrites, nitrosamines, trans fats, acrylamide, and some artificial sweeteners.  In regards to exercise, we know that people who are active have lower cancer rates than sedentary folks.[v]

Social Health

A 1986 study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine made a startling observation; medical students who scored low on a questionnaire evaluating satisfaction with interpersonal relationships had a greatly increased chance of developing cancer.[vi]  A similar study published in Cancer Detection and Prevention found that medical students who reported a lack of closeness with their parents were more likely to develop cancer.[vii]  People are essentially “herd” animals.  Truly, no man is an island and taking time to establish, maintain and develop meaningful relationships is an important step in developing happiness—and health!

Manifesting Health

A well-lived life is something that must be developed—consciously and with care—like a garden.  Health is our naturally occurring heritage—but we come into this heritage only when we have put out the conscious effort to live our lives skillfully.  This is holistic health care—the knowledge that health is naturally occurring and that by following the laws of our own nature we can manifest that quality which is the goal of all of mankind—perfect health.  While modern, western medicine has created wondrous advances that have saved many lives, it has also brought with it a false paradigm--one in which we feel that we can live out of harmony with our own nature and reclaim health with a pill. 

In addition to saving many lives, expensive testing, newfangled fads, and invasive procedures have cost many lives.  Even ahead of cancer, medicine is the leading cause of death in the United States today.  Daily, the toll of medical error alone is equivalent to 7 jumbo jets full of passengers falling out of the sky.  I believe that if you choose natural health care and take the time to educate yourself as to what true health is, you can avoid the ravages of degeneratives disease and the uneccesary use of invasive healthcare.  This is the purpose for which this website exists---welcome!


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