Sierra Spine & Fitness Subscriptions

This is the place to sign up for monthly gym memberships at Sierra Spine & Fitness. All fees are collected on a recurring/subscription basis through paypal. Once you sign up your chosen method of payment (see below) will be billed every month on the day that you subscribed (for example if you subscribe on March 5th, you'll be billed the 5th of every month) until you cancel.

You can easily sign up by hitting the "subscribe" button below. You'll then be taken to the paypal site where you can pay by credit or debit card, through your bank account, or, if you have not already, you can sign up for a paypal account (having a paypal account is not required). After confirmming the subscription, you will receive an email from paypal detailing your subscription purchase.

After subscribing you will receive a PIN number and card to unlock the gym door.

To unsubscribe at any time, simply click on the "unsubscribe" button below.

Thanks for your support! You can always contact me here at contact Doctor Roberts if you have questions. I generally respond to emails within 2 days. The office number is (530) 470-8500.

Singles ($30/month) Couples ($55/month)

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