Welcome to the docroberts.com store, the official store of DocRoberts Holisitic Health Site.   We carry only products that we believe in, and which will benefit you the most! 

    Nutri-west brings excellence in research to their formulations. We believe their whey protein and amino acid formulas to be the best on the market. Their Omega-3 products are mercury and PCB free and tested for freshness;  they are extracts of fish oil--you don't get the cholesterol and saturated fats--only the omega-3's!  Further, they are formulated with the proper ratios of EPA to DHA and the adult formulas contain flax and black currant seed oils.  They are the finest available!

New Chapter products are certified organic and whole-food based.  Whereas many popular processed vitamins can be harmful (read the
"Vitamins May Harm Me?" section of the Dairy and Eggs article), New Chapter uses time-tested medicinal foods to bring you the nutrients you need!

This is the only Omega-3 supplement you need!
Zyflamend is a potent all-herbal alternative to NSAIDs.  It's powerful anti-inflammatory effects are proven--it's the same product I use for myself and my patients.