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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA
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Tuesday 12/18/2007 Healthy Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and I'm going to risk offending a few people by offering a few suggestions on what to get and what not-to-get for children.  I know I'm a little late in getting this out, but better late than never!

Before I give my holiday tips, consider the following:

  • Kids are fatter than ever.  Fifteen percent of 6-19 year olds are clinically obese, triple the rate of 1980.
  • Kids' scores in math, language, and science have plummeted in the past three decades.
  • As of 2001, 1 in 10 children were reported to have some sort of mental health problem.
  • As of 2001 autism was reported to be 20 times commoner in children than it was just a few decades before.

 There is a huge body of evidence on causes for these problems--here's the main culprits:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle--think television, DVD's, video games, "learning gadgets" where you stare at a screen and follow prompts--remember my recent blog showing worse language skills in children watching Baby Einstein videos!
  2. Lack of physicality--here I don't just mean not being sedentary, I mean practicing tasks that demand attention, coordination, timing, speed, and dexterity.  These are fundamental driving impulses for building a healthy brain.
  3. Environmental pollutants--think mercury from vaccines, food preservatives and food colorings, make-up, trans fats, etc.

All that being said--here are your holiday gift-buying guidelines for kids:

  • Don't buy kids things that encourage them to be sedentary--DVD's, video games, and gizmo's with batteries in general.  This year my goal was to not buy anything with batteries or a cord.  These non-gizmo toys also tend to require more human interaction--a musical instrument that requires a teacher, a bow and arrow that requires supervision etc.
  • Encourage activities that demand physical participation and coordination: a basketball, a frisbee, an instrument, a gift certificate to a martial arts class, art supplies, etc.
  •  Don't buy kids things that make them sick!  Candy, junk food, make-up with toxins in it (read more here), shampoos, lotions, or dyes with parabans.  Instead, buy them healthy stuff--dark chocolate, homemade cookies with quality ingredients, paraban-free body-products.
Follow these guidelines for a healthy Christmas!


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