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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA
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Tuesday 10/7/2008 Overuse of Tubes for Children's Earache

One of the most common childhood surgeries, tympanostomy tubes for earaches, are most often done inappropriately says a new study.  Many people are familiar with tympanostomy tubes as they are used commonly in the treatment of earache.  These tubes puncture the eardrum allowing secretions from the ear to drain out.  A study published in the British Medical Journal made the following conclusion:

"Most insertions of tympanostomy tubes in the New York metropolitan area were for inappropriate reasons according to two different standards. These findings suggest a serious discrepancy between the clinical care of children and the recommendations that experts suggest should be the standard of care in the US."  The researchers found that over 70% of these surgeries were inappropriate according to expert guidlines!

Most often childhood earaches are not bacterial in origin, they are viral (like the common cold).  As such it is inappropriate for them to be treated with antibiotics, and they often do not respond to antibiotics.  Chiropractic care, dietary changes, and herbs should be used to treat these "ear infections".  These treatments will support your child's innate immune defenses and help him/her to build health!

Read the study here.


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