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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA
DocRoberts Holistic Health Blog
Friday 3/31/2006 Breast Cancer Linked to Ibuprofen and Aspirin Use

Another reason not to use ibuprofen or aspirin: chronic use increases your chance of getting breast cancer. A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute examined the effect of the use of these drugs on 2391 women and concluded the following: "Ibuprofen use was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, and long-term daily aspirin use was associated with an increased risk of ER/PR-negative breast cancer." I've long compared the use of these drugs for pain to putting in ear-plugs when your car makes a funny noise; rather than fixing the problem you are just avoiding the symptoms. With over 36,500 deaths per year just from gastro-intestinal problems due to these drugs, and even more from heart-attack, stroke, and cancer, it appears that a better analogy would be to put in ear plugs and throw a monkey wrench in your engine when your car malfuncttions! Read the study here Aspirin and Ibuprofen and Breast Cancer


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