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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA
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Children's Health

It is in childhood that we lay the foundations for a healthy life.  Research is increasingly showing that nutrition, chemical exposure, and mental conditioning most critically affect our health from conception through age 5.  Please enjoy the following links and articles, and teach your children well!

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A Debate We Shouldn't Need
Andrographis Boosts Immune System
Antibiotics and Ear Infections--What You Should Know
Antidepressents Harm Infants
Antipyretics and Antibiotics = Antihealth!
Aspartame and Cancer
Aspirin and Tylenol Prolong Illness
Aspirin No Help for Cardiovascular Disease
Autism and Omega-3's
Autism and the Core
Baby Brain Shrink
Benefits of Breastfeeding
BPA, Cancer, and Treatment Resistance
Breastfeeding and Cholesterol
Breastfeeding Reduces Diabetes
Chips are...duh...bad for you...
Chiropractic and Cytokines: Improving Your Health Naturally
Chiropractic: Beyond Pain
Chlorinated Pools and Asthma
Cold Medicines are Totally Bogus
Creating Healthy Immune Systems
C-Sections for Everyone?
Curcumin Fights Cancer
Cut Bladder Cancer Risk by 40%
Drink Your Milk!
Drug Reactions
Fermented Dairy and Immunity
Fish oil and Asthma
Fish Oil Improves Infant Brain Development
Fish Oil to Counter Plastics
Fish, Mercury, and Pre-term infants
Flame Retardants are Mental Retardants
Flu Shot and Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Food Additives and Hyperactivity
Go Raw With Your Milk!
Gut Reaction
Hayfever and Good Bugs
Healthy Christmas
Increase Your Blood Pressure With Tylenol
Limiting Antibiotic Use
Mercury Detox
Mercury Fillings
MS and Hepatitis B Vaccination
Mushrooms for Cancer
Natural Treatment for ADHD
Natural Treatment for Arthritic Pain
Omega-3 Better than Ritalin
Omega-3's and Cancer
Omega-3's and Pregnancy
Overuse of Tubes for Children's Earache
PCB's and Your Child's Immune System
Pesticides and Cancer
Pneumonia and Statins
Raw Milk
Raw MilK Threat
Reishi Mushroom and Breast Cancer
Strength Training after Chemo
Super Smoothie
Superbugs on Your Block
Teach Your Children Well
The Hunza
Toxic Chemicals in Pajamas
Trans Fats and Infertility
Treat Your Children Well
Tylenol, ADHD, and Autism
Vaccination and Multiple Sclerosis
Vitamin D Again
Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D Prevents Flu
Whey, Immune Function, and Asthma
Whole Milk for Weight Loss
Your Tax Dollars Created E. Coli 0157:H7
Zinc for Bacterial Pneumonia