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Craig Roberts, Chiropractor, Grass Valley CA
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Heart Disease

Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, and cholesterol abnormalities are all signs of metabolism gone astray.  As our understanding of these disorders grows, one thing becomes more and more apparent; there is no simple solution.  Heart disease is complex and multifactorial; anxiety and depression increase risk by 3 times, cholesterol abnormalities increase risk, but not in the way conventionally understood (read more here).  Diet plays a role, but nearly every newfangled low fat, "heart healthy" food that has been introduced has increased risk rather than lessened it (remember that trans fats were supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, diet sodas actually cause more obesity, and the U.S. sells and consumes more low-fat foods than any other place in the world, but has the fattest people in the world!). 

Please take the time to read the entire breadth of information on this site in regards to your heart health.  You cannot only change your diet, only begin an exercise program, only increase the quality of your relationships, only practice stress reduction, or only seek a fulfilling and serviceful role in your life.  We truly are required by our own natures to do all of these things.  In the end these choices are not a burden, but a joy. 

I recommend that you begin your reading with The Cholesterol Article, as it gives you a basic understanding of heart disease.  Then proceed to the The Omega-3 Paper --omega-3 supplementation is the simplest 1st step to putting your metabolism back on track.  The article on Metabolic Syndrome explains how metabolism gets off track and what to do about it.  The High Blood Pressure paper and various articles on Blood Sugar should be helpful to people with those specific problems.  The article on Antioxidants is crucial in the treatment of heart disease--and by following the directions in that article you will be doing yourself a great service.  The Exercise Page contains excellent resources for you to start or update your exercise program.  Lastly, check out the Stress Reduction Page.  The article on Affirmation provides you with rationale and strategies as to how and why you need to take time to chart a course toward what you will become.  A Simple Meditation is an excellent place for beginners to gain experience in peace cultivation.  The Motivation Worksheet provides you with the tools you need to clarify and define your desire for true health.  After that, click away--the links below are meant to provide you with the latest and greatest information in regards to this subject!

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