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Many people have written in requesting some information on how to meditate. There are many different styles of meditation as there are people--I recommend that you find a style that you resonate with and that is consistent with your spiritual path. Here is a very simple, yet powerful meditation for beginners--something to get you going.

First, do a little stretching or go for a relaxing walk to let bodily tension go--that way you'll be able to sit comfortably. Second, sit comfortably in a posture that allows your spine to be erect, not slumped. A good, firm chair, or a pillow on the floor will work--the main thing is to be comfortable, relaxed, and not slumping. Third, inhale and tighten all the muscles in your body, exhale and relax completely--do this three times--each time letting tensions and thoughts go. Lastly, breath in a relaxed fashion. On your inhalation mentally say the word "still", on your exhalation mentally say the syllable "ness"--thus with each full breath you mentally are saying "stillness".

As you continue, keep your focus on those two syllables in conjunction with your breathing. You'll find that from time to time your mind will wander. Do not get frustrated--this is an art and takes some practice--simply bring your attention back to your breath and the word "still--ness."


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