Andrographis Boosts Immune System

Andrographis Boosts Immune System - Nevada City

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Another new study just came out documenting the incredible effects of the herb Andrographis Paniculata on the immune system. The study reported the following findings:

Andrographis supplementation increases the production of cytotoxic T cells—an immune cell that destroys caner cells.
Mice with thymoma—a cancer of the thymus gland (which produces immune cells) live more than twice as long when treated with Andrographis extract for 10 days.
Andrographis extract exerted beneficial effects on several cytokines (chemical messengers that direct the immune response), resulting in suppression of tumor growth.
I recommend the use of Andrographis anytime you feel signs of flu or cold coming on. I offer an excellent product in my office and in my web store. Since I have been using this product I have not had a cold or flu—2 years!

(NOTE: a very similar study to the one described above was done using another of my favorite herbs, ashwagandha. The results were similar with a large increase in immune function and a suppression of tumor growth— here is a link to that study.)

Read the study here.


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