Aspirin and Tylenol Prolong Illness

Nevada City Aspirin and Tylenol Prolong Illness

Aspirin and Tylenol Prolong Illness in Nevada City CA

A study in the journal Pharacotherapy looked at the effect of taking either aspirin or tylenol for the flu. What they found was no surprise; a "striking correlation" between the use of these drugs and longer duration of the flu. That's right, taking tylenol or aspirin prolongs your flu! It is a well established fact that these drugs cause "leukopenia", or a decrease in white blood cells. These are the very cells you desperately need to mount a response against the flu! Remember also that a fever is the bodies way to activate your immune system. As your temperature rises your immune cells become many times more active. Also, many foreign invaders (bacteria and virus) do not thrive at higher temperatures. Trust your body's wisdom--when you are cold you shiver to warm up, when you are ill you develop a fever to combat disease. Read the abstract here Aspirin and Tylenol Prolong Illness. Read about my favorite herb for cold and flu here.


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