Autism and the Core

Autism and the Core Nevada City

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A new study found that in children with autistic spectrum disorders visual convergence is often affected. Convergence is the ability to "cross the eyes" when focusing on a near object. This is a very interesting study from a neurological and chiropractic perspective. The nerve cells the coordinate convergence are very midline in the brainstem--they are in the same column of nerve cells that is responsible for "core muscles" of the spine. This midline column of cells requires exquisitely tuned inputs from the body to generate appropriate output (coordination). If you think of the central nervous system as a computer, this means that without comprehensible input (you typing and using your mouse appropriately), your computer will be unable to generate appropriate output. Similarly, in humans, if the spine and brain are unable to appropriately process sensory input, output cannot be appropriately generated and dysfunction occurs.

The single greatest input into your nervous system is gravity--input occurs from conception until your last breath. This input sets the stage by creating a "background hum", priming the nervous system for all other inputs. Without this "background", other sensory inputs cannot reach an appropriate threshold at an appropriate time to create a level of input that accurately reflects reality at any given moment.

In chiropractic neurology, we spend a great deal of time examining the eyes--this is because you can easily see the coordination or lack of coordination in eye movments during an exam--its basically an incredibly precise muscle test. With this information, a treamtent plan, including adjusments and other forms of stimulation can be created that can literally change your perception of reality! If you or someone you know suffers from ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, or autism, I highly recommend consulting with a chiropractic neurologist--it can be life changing!

Read the new study here.


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