Balloons for Sinusitis

Nevada City Balloons for Sinusitis

Balloons for Sinusitis Nevada City CA

A new article in the Associated Press describes "Sinuplasty", a technique where a ballon is inserted into the sinuses, then blown up to stretch the passages. "I think there's a huge number of people who can benefit from this, its really the most exciting thing that's happened in our specialty in probably 15 years" says Dr. Michael Friedman, an otolaryngologist and chief of head and neck surgery at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center. The technique works incredibly well for people suffering from sinusitis. What the article fails to mention is that chiropractors have been using this technique for 100 years! In chiropractic the technique is called "Nasal Specifics." I use this technique with great success in my own practice. Many patients who have tried antibiotics, allergy medications, and nasal sprays with no result are literally cured in one treatment! Home treatments including diet, nasal lavage (also known as netti pot treatment), and steam baths with essential oils can all be beneficial. Here's a link to the article . If you are interested in this treatment give my clinic a call!


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