Building Stronger Bones With Whey

Building Stronger Bones With Whey in Nevada City

Building Stronger Bones With Whey Nevada City CA

A recent study found that whey protein is effective at both promoting healthy bone formation, and slowing bone resorption. Bone is a living organ, constantly changing in response to the stresses we place upon it. Besides its direct effect on bone density, whey helps you to build muscle (see my earlier blog on the subject). More muscle means more stress on bone, and greater call for your body to further increase bone density! Follow this simple program to build bone density while avoiding the detrimental effects of drug therapy:

1) Train with weights at least 3 times per week--start slow, but work toward intensity, as intensity is the key to building bone!

2)Take 10-20 grams of high quality, undenatured whey protein daily--I have this available at my office.

3) Eat a diet rich in whole foods that are high in calcium content as well as other minerals--Yogurt (real organic, whole yogurt) and dark leafy greens are excellent for osteoporosis.

4) Avoid low fat foods--low fat translates to high carb and/or high protein--both of which can be detrimental to bone health.

Too often women, in particular, consume low fat foods in an effort to lose weight. If this works at all, the weight loss will be short term, and your health will be affected adversely! Look for more information on osteoporosis on this site soon. Read the whey protein study.


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