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Another study just came out supporting the use of both low level laser and chiropractic for neck pain. The researchers divided people with cervical facet pain (the most common type of chronic neck pain--particularly in whiplash injuries) into three groups; the first had chiropractic adjustments alone, the second had low level laser alone, and third group had a combination of the two. To be in the study people had to have at least 30 days of neck pain caused by the facet joints.

All three groups improved with 2 weeks of treatment. The group getting the combination of low level laser and chiropractic had the best results. These results, along with previous studies, are very significant for two reasons. First, the results demonstrate a very effective way to treat neck pain. Second, both Chiropractic care and low level laser therapy are extremely safe--this is in contrast with drugs such as aspirin, NSAIDs, and tylenol. Those drugs literally cause 36,500 deaths per year when used as indicated. NSAIDs are a leading cause of kidney disease, and tylenol is the leading cause of liver failure. Besides the side effects, they simply do not work for anything other than temporary relief of symptoms--a previous study has show that in the short term chiropractic is dramatically more effective when it comes to pain control, and in the long term chiropractic benefits persist, where as drug induced symptom reduction does not.

Read the study.


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