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Curcumin Fights Cancer Nevada City

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Chemotherapy is a term that makes many people shudder, but what about chemoprevention? This is a topic we hear very little about, but wouldn't you rather be putting things into your body to prevent cancer than take hard-hitting drugs in hopes of treating cancer? Curcumin, the molecule that makes turmeric orangish-yellow, has been shown to inhibit all three stages of cancer development: initiation, progression, and promotion. This incredible herbal medicine has been the subject of 1,742 studies in the peer-reviewed literature. While I haven't read them all, every one I have read is incredibly positive. Best of all, turmeric is yummy! If you don't use this regularly in your cooking, go buy yourself an East-Indian cookbook--most of the recipes will contain some turmeric. Curcumin is also an ingredient in the undenatured whey that I sell in my office--I use it to make a smoothie every day! Read a great review on curcumin for chemoprevention here.


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