Decreasing Cell Phone Radiation

Nevada City Decreasing Cell Phone Radiation

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As a follow-up to the recent blog on cell phones causing cancer, I looked into ways to decrease cell phone radiation. Here's the lowdown:

Blue tooth headsets don't help, and some are worse than just using your phone.
Ferrite beads and various other gizmos that you stick onto your phone don't seem to work. I could not find any valid research to prove effectiveness for these products--the only information available on them is from the seller's websites--if its on the internet it must be true, right? Ferrite beads that clip onto wires do decrease radiation--the problem with the stick on ones is that your phone is generating 360 degrees of radiation in three dimensions--a little bead appears to make minimal difference.
So here's what works...drum roll please..."bluetube" headsets. These use tubes rather than wires to transfer sound to your ear, and have an insulated microphone system to transmit your voice. Even better, they're cheap! You can get them on the Mercola website, just follow this link.


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