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Pesticides and Parkinson's in Nevada City CA

More Americans are on cholesterol medications than ever, and the pharmaceutical companies and the “experts” they employ are still not resting. New data shows that 1 in 4 Americans over 65 are on statin (cholesterol) drugs, and that statin use in young people has gone up nearly 70 percent in the last 6 years!

The president of the American Heart Association says that many more people should be on these drugs because they lower the risk of heart attack. The heart disease prevention expert at the American College of Cardiology says he’s thrilled, because if you wait for a heart attack it’s a little late.

What is so utterly disgusting about this is that it completely flies in the face of what the actual medical research says. The medical research shows that there is very little relationship between cholesterol and heart disease, that statins are of no benefit to women of any age, and that they are not of any benefit to any man over age 65, or any man under age 65 who has not had a heart attack. Please read that again. The incredible statin push in this country right now is a scam, and only a small fraction of users should actually be on them. Please read my Cholesterol Paper for information, as well as Dairy and Eggs: Good for You!

The truth about statins is this; unless you are a male under the age of 65 who has had a heart attack, statins are more likely to kill you than to help you. Research has linked statin use to cancer, sudden cardiac death, depression, muscle disorders, liver disorders, and dementia. Here is a link to a paper that outlines come of the research and references if you wish to take it to your MD.


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