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Two thousand people per day go to the emergency room just because of problems caused by their medications. This staggering research is being published today by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Remember that these numbers are just visits to the ER that are known to be adverse drug reactions. The number of total adverse reactions is much higher due to 1)misdiagnosis of adverse reactions, and 2)many people suffer adverse reactions that never go to the ER. In addition to these people there are hundreds of thousands more suffering due to adverse events during a procedure such as surgery, or even more routine medical events (I had one patient lose the function of his hand because the nerves were torn when an IV was remove from his arm). I am not anti-medicine or even anti-pharmaceutical. I believe in the judicious use of necessary medication. What I am urging you to do is take charge of your health, exercise, eat right, enjoy life, and be informed about your health care choices. Question your doctors and take time to read--in the end, you are your responsibility! Article on the study.


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