Fish Oil and Heart Disease

Fish Oil and Heart Disease - Nevada City

Fish Oil and Heart Disease Nevada City CA

Regular use of fish oil greatly reduces risk of heart disease-related death. Death is the first symptom in 1/3 of those who experience heart attack. Fish oil not only reduces your risk of experiencing a heart attack, it greatly reduces your risk of sudden death in the event that you do suffer an attack.

Researchers recently shed more light on how fish oil decreases risk of death in the event of a heart attack. The scientists designed a study using patients scheduled for voluntary heart surgery. The patients either received no fish oil, 6 grams of omega-3’s form fish oil per day, flaxseed oil, or olive oil. At the time of surgery the actual heart tissue was sampled so that the researchers could see how the muscle cells had changed. They found that in those taking fish oil, a large amount of inflammatory fats (arachidonic acid) were replaced by healthier anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats. Flaxseed oil yielded a much smaller increase in omega-3’s and a smaller decrease in inflammatory fats, and olive oil did not create a change.

The moral is---take your fish oil! The very best product I have found is available in my web store and at my clinic. Flaxseed oil will not provide the same benefits. Olive oil is a very healthy oil, but is not a substitute for fish oil.

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