Flame Retardants are Mental Retardants

Nevada City Flame Retardants are Mental Retardants

Flame Retardants are Mental Retardants Nevada City CA

New research shows that the flame retardant BDE-47 not only slows flames—it slows minds. In short, this class of chemicals decreases the "plasticity", or adaptability and learning ability, of your brain (politicians and lawyers must have cannisters of this stuff at parties). Lest you think, “I’m all right—I don’t use flame retardants”, you should know this--PBDEs (of which BDE-47 is the most common) are in your mattress, your carpets, your sheets, your pajamas, much of your furniture, probably your computer, and certainly in you.

The research was merely a confirmation in a growing body of research on PBDE’s demonstrating negative health effects. Here is a link to a newspaper article from Seattle, where a ban has apparently been proposed (I’m uncertain whether it passed).

Read the research, form an opinion, then lobby and vote accordingly! In the meantime, buy an organic mattress and organic cotton sleepwear and sheets.

Read the study here.


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