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A new study shows that Mercury fillings do cause mercury exposure throughout your body. The study looked at urine-mercury levels in children with and without mercury fillings. The researchers found the following: "each additional amalgam surface present was associated with a 9% increase in current U-Hg (urinary mercury)". This means that the mercury is finding its way through the blood and kidneys into the urine--in other words, its everywhere. Recall from a prior blog that whey protein and NAC are natural ways to help your body get rid of mercury.

This means that for each mercury-amalgam filling there was a 9% increase in urinary mercury! Doctors have gone back and forth over the years about mercury fillings--this study, published in a journal of the National Institutes of Health by researchers from a teaching hospital in Sweden strengthens the argument against mercury fillings. Other dental sealants to be avoided are those that leech bisphenol-A, an endocrine disruptor.

Read the study.


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