Multivitamins and Breast Cancer

Multivitamins and Breast Cancer Nevada City

Breast Cancer and Omega-3's Nevada City CA

If you do a search on vitamin C on my site, or if you read my Antioxidant Article, you will find a great deal of evidence that high levels of supplemental vitamins can be harmful to your health. A new study adds to this evidence. The study followed 35,000 women for 9.5 years, and the women that regularly used multivitamins were 19% more likely to develop breast cancer.

We have developed "pill consciousness", and feel that we can pop a pill and get that nutrients we need to stay healthy. This is just not the case. We have seen that supplemental vitamin C, especially, increases risk of cancer, heart disease, and fatigue. The vitamins themselves, in the form of food are health giving, it is the notion that we can manufacture one molecule in high dosages in a lab and have it perform the same as food that is faulty.

If you read my site you will see that I am not anti-supplement (read the vitamin D blog below), but I am against supplements that either don't work or cause harm!

Read the study here.


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