Aspirin No Help for Cardiovascular Disease

Aspirin No Help for Cardiovascular Disease Nevada City

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Another study shows no benefit of aspirin in preventing cardiovascular disease. The new study published in the British Medical Journal found that aspirin did nothing to prevent risk of cardiovascular disease (stroke or heart attack) in people with diabetes (read the study). The study also found no benefit from taking supplemental antioxidant pills containing vitamin C, E, B vitamins, and zinc. This is not surprising if you’ve read my article on Antioxidants, which explains why food based antioxidants are far superior to man-made pills.

If you or someone you know takes aspirin for health reasons please read the article. Here is a link to another article on aspirin--in it they found a 60-80% increase in stroke in women who use aspirin, and an increase in certain types of stroke in men.

If you want to decrease your chances of having cardiovascular problems, taking a high quality,purified fish oil is your best bet. If you want to decrease damage caused by stroke consider using Gingko and/or Ashwagandha.


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