BPA, Cancer, and Treatment Resistance

BPA, Cancer, and Treatment Resistance Nevada City

Fish Oil and Heart Disease Nevada City CA

"BPA Blocks Effects of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Drugs" says a new study from the National Institutes of Health. Previous studies have shown that BPA, a chemical that is almost certainly circulating in your body right now, causes cancer. This new study shows that in addition to BPA giving you cancer, it reduces the efficacy of the chemotherapy used to treat the cancer. The authors concluded "BPA at environmentally relevant doses reduces the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents. These data provide considerable support to the accumulating evidence that BPA is hazardous to human health."

The number one source of BPA is plastics. I recommend not using plastic to store your food or water, and cutting down on purchasing food in plastic containers. Here is a list of other BPA sources that you may not think of; recycled paper and pizza boxes, organic food cans, soda cans, wine and beer fermented in BPA lined vats, the blue-tinted hard plastic water dispensor at your doctor's office!

Read the study here.


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