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The best scientific studies show that the optimum cesarean rates for mothers and children are somewhere between 5 and 10% for the general population. Rates above 15% do more harm than good. Astonishingly, 1 in 3 childbirths in this country are currently cesarean births! This is a dramatic rise from a rate of 4.5% in 1965. Why? An excellent article (to read it click here) outlines the primary reasons:

Low priority of enhancing women's own abilities to give birth
Side effects of common labor interventions (such as drugs like pitocin and procedures like fetal monitoring).
Refusal to offer the informed choice of vaginal birth
Casual attitudes about surgery and cesarean sections in particular
Limited awareness of harms that are more likely with cesarean section
Providers' fears of malpractice claims and lawsuits
Incentives to practice in a manner that is efficient for providers
Cesarean, like many surgical interventions has its place, but we have reached an unacceptably high level of C-sections--a level that conflicts with our own research on the subject. I encourage mothers-to-be to research carefully methods of childbirth. To my knowledge, the midwife system used in Holland is the best in the world. They use a rational approach: non-complicated births are performed with the help of a midwife in a non-hospital setting, but near a hospital in case of complications. We need to remember that pregnancy is not a disease that requires surgical treatment!


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