Fish oil and Asthma

Nevada City Fish oil and Asthma

Fish oil and Asthma Nevada City CA

Mothers-to-be can decrease their child's risk of asthma by simply taking fish oil. In 1990 researchers gave one group of expecting mothers 2.7 grams of omega-3's from fish oil, and gave another group olive oil. They began giving the oils when the mothers were at 30 weeks duration. The children were then followed until they were 16 in 2006. At that time, the rate of asthma was 63% less in the children of the mothers who took fish oil, and the rate of allergic asthma was 87% less!

Most American are deficient in omega-3's. These beneficial fats form a large part of the structure of our brains and nervous system, benefit out cardiovascular system, our immune system, and are a potent anti-inflammatory. It is crucial that we supply these necessary cellular component to children in the womb--fully 60% of the dry weight of an infant's brain should be omega-3 fat! Read more on omega's in this Article, read more on developing a healthy immune system here. Buy omega-3's for adults here, and for children here.

Read the study here.


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