Pneumonia and Statins

Pneumonia and Statins Nevada City

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A new study demonstrates that older people are more likely to get pneumonia if they use statin drugs. Statin drugs are the current rage for treating people with "high cholesterol". If you have not yet read my Cholesterol Article, please do--this article delineates why cholesterol is not a problem, it is a symptom. Unfortunatley, the entire statin industry is built around a fallacy--that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.

This new study shows that older people have their immune systems weakened by statins--they are more likely to get pneumonia. Ironically, in a time when people are so concerned about flu, we are giving the very population that is most susceptible to severe compromise (older adults) drugs that make them more susceptible to illness!

Also, please watch this youtube video on memory loss and dementia caused by statins. In the video the memory problems are fairly represented, but the benefits are overblown. At the end a commentator comes on and recommends changing statins if you experience memory loss--this is akin to changing poisons if you get sick taking one!

Read the article here.


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