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Recover Quicker with Laser Nevada City

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A new study shows that athletes who use low-level laser prior to exercise recover significantly faster. The study design used an 830nm laser (I have one in my office) or a placebo laser on athletes prior to exercise. The treated group had much lower creatine kinase (an enzymatic marker for muscle breakdown) and blood lactate (a waste product created by muscle) than the untreated group. The authors concluded "These findings suggest that LLLT (low level laser therapy) may be of benefit in accelerating post-exercise recovery." Read the study here.

Another recent study showed that after 3 minutes and 20 second of low level laser over the biceps muscle, individuals were able to perform an average of 4.5 more repetitions of biceps curls (75%) of maximum weight) than without the laser therapy! Read the study here.

Jefferey Spencer, Lance Armstrong's Chiropractor for the seven tour's that Lance won, used low level laser on Lance daily throughout each tour--these studies shed light on the effects of laser therapy for athletes! If you've been to my office with a tindinitis, chances are I've used laser therapy on you. If you have questions about athletic applications please ask!


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