Omega-3’s for Menopausal Depression

Omega-3's for Menopausal Depression Nevada City

Acid-Base and Osteoporosis Nevada City CA

Psychological distress and depression are common in western countries during menopausal transition. A new study supplemented menopausal women with moderate-to-severe psychological distress with 1.05 grams of EPA--an omega-3 found in fish oil (read more about EPA and fish oil here ). The researchers found that after 8 weeks of supplementation, women with psychological distress significantly improved. Women who had had Major Depressive Episodes, however, did not improve.

This is in-line with what I have seen clinically. For "routine depression" low doses of omega-3's can work wonders. The dosage in this study, 1.05 grams is low dose. In his book The Omega-3 Connection, Harvard psychiatrist Stahl demonstrated great benefits treating people with bipolar disorder with a high dose of Omega-3's--10 grams per day.

If you suffer from depression consider trying a high dose of omega-3's. You can read more on alternative treatments for depression here, and more on omega-3's here. I have an excellent omega-3 productin my store.

Read the study here.


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